FIFA 16 or PES 2016?  Which is better?  We shared some information in last article, and then fut16coin will give some opinions on forums about FIFA 16 and PES 2016, you can make a choice based on these opinions.
Some people hold the opinion that while PES 2016 has superior nighttime lighting, it’s clear that FIFA’16 has way better daytime lighting. The grass is too bright with a “florescent” hue during the day, almost exactly resembling its color under stadium floodlights during night matches.
The contrasts and player shadows look more realistic in FIFA’16 as well. The crowds look too bright in PES 2016 compared to the more subtle and realistic lighting of FIFA 16.PES looks like a normal Australian summers day to me, bright and hot. Where as FIFA looks more like the sun is lower in the sky, maybe somewhere higher/lower of the equator (somewhere like Manchester, England).
What PES 2016 does better:
What FIFA 16 does better:
Career Mode
There are some people agree that the grass textures/rendering is a hell of a lot better in FIFA though. It’s the one graphical element that makes FIFA shine over PES.The point where PES is supposed to be different to cheap FIFA Coins is where FIFA is “arcadey”and PES is more of a simulator. This would force people to play ‘pacey’ in FIFA, but more true to life in PES. This is a list to compare FIFA 16 and PES 2016.