If you’re a WildStar player, gold is usually on your mind. Nearly everything in the WildStar universe costs money to buy, from swords to potions, so you’ll need to accumulate a large amount of gold to buy everything you want. You can train in two gathering professions for a quick and easy way to collect wildstar gold. Gathering professions allow you to gather items found in “WildStar,” such as herbs and ore, and sell them on the auction house for a large profit.

Wildstar has tradeskills just like any other MMO. Naturally, depending on what you pick, you can earn a lot of money from them. Here’s how.

Have two gathering skills. If you just want to gather resources to sell on the market, then pick two gathering skills. You can earn a consistent amount of money by gathering as you level and selling the resources on the market.

Salvage items. If you want to turn items you get into material for your profession, recycle everything. This will save you money from buying too many materials, plus allow you to sell the materials that you don’t need. Weapons, armor, even decor items can be recycled.

Try to learn every recipe. This will allow you to make whatever anyone wants. Or if you see a demand for an item that isn’t readily available, you can make it at a higher cost. Plus this will help you as your character develops.

Spend money to make money. In most professions you will have to spend some of your money to make items to increase your skill level. Don’t be afraid to do this. Once you have a high enough of a tradeskill, you will earn your money back.

Have two crafting skills. This one can get very expensive as you level them up, but once you max them out, you can make a lot of money. Only invest in this if you are committed to spending the money to level both skills up.