Carbine Studios is aware of fans’ desire for guild housing in Wildstar. And though the developer can’t yet talk about such post-launch features, it sounds promising.

Wildstar Housing
“I will say that we’re looking at a lot of stuff post-launch and what we can do. This certainly will not be any time soon. We’ve been thinking about how we can do stuff like that, but we can’t make any promises or say anything particular,” WildStar game design producer Stephan Frost told us.
“But we’ve heard a lot of people go ‘Guild Housing would be awesome’ or Guild neighborhoods, where you have multiple people around these things, so we hear you, but I can’t say anything exact anytime soon,” he said.
If you recall, back in March we spoke with design director Mike Donatelli who hinted, when asked if there is going to be Guild housing in WildStar, that “there’s a reason why you house is floating in the sky.”
I don’t know what that means exactly, but Frost did add in our conversation that “it’s promising, not promised.”
It sounds like Carbine is listening. And it sounds like a feature they definitely want to develop for the future. Of course, there’s all that red tape that comes with new features and announcements. Carbine is probably hesitant to announce any future features for fear over backlash should something postpone it, and understandably so; if there’s anything I learned from League of Legends when they teased Magma Chamber, it’s that once you say something fans will remember it forever.
You can watch our full 20-minute interview with Stephan Frost here. WildStar just wrapped up its final beta weekend and is due to launch on June 3.